Short Description

Run CloudBlast.


CloudBlast offers a highly optimized, self-sustained HPC solution to address a very specific need of the Bioinformatics community. 
CloudBlast is a Blast service totally independent of the NCBI servers to provide fast and reliable sequence alignments. It consists of a high performance computing cluster dedicated exclusively to Blast searches. 
All Blast2GO CLI subscriptions include "Cloud Units" to make use of this resource and allow you to perform Blast searches for tens of thousands of sequences within a few days against a large collection of protein databases. Each sequence alignment performed in the system consumes a certain amount of computation time depending on the sequence length and the Blast algorithm (blastx, blastp) and parameters used. The smaller the database you blast against, the more value you get. This means that e.g. if you blast against the vertebrate NR-subset you would be able to Blast approx. 10 times more sequences compared to if you decide to Blast against the NR database, for the same amount of units. Please use the Species taxonomy id to blast against a subset.


  • Load a sequence project in the same command, e.g. Fasta file or .box containing sequence data.

  • A CloudKey which is provided by our support-team on request.

  • Postive balance in CloudUnits (use -cloudunitbalance to check).

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