Generic Data Export





Short Description

Customize which data you want to export.


The option -exportgeneric allows exporting the data obtained for each sequence into a tabular
text file. The resulting file contains one line per sequence, while the columns can be customized. The
corresponding settings in the properties file (GenericExportParameters) determine how
columns and items are separated and which data should be exactly exported.
Column and item separators can be defined as a comma, semicolon, tabulator, whitespace, or vertical bar. There are 54 different items available, they can be grouped as follows:

  • General Sequence information such as the sequence name or its length.
    seq_name, seq_desc, seq_data, seq_length

  • Summarized Blast information like the total number of blast hits.
    blast_hit_count, blast_min_eval, blast_sim_mean

  • Specific information about each Blast hit such as its hit description, length, e-value or alignment length.
    blast_hits_desc, blast_hits_tax, blast_hits_eval, blast_hits_length, blast_hits_alignlength
    blast_hits_pos, blast_hits_sim, blast_hits_hsphit, blast_hits_query, blast_hits_hspcount
    blast_hits_frame, blast_hits_geneid, blast_hits_acc, blast_hits_score

  • Specific information about the top blast hit (highest bit score).
    blast_tophit_desc, blast_tophit_tax, blast_tophit_eval, blast_tophit_length
    blast_tophit_alignlength, blast_tophit_pos, blast_tophit_sim, blast_tophit_hsphit
    blast_tophit_query, blast_tophit_hspcount, blast_tophit_frame, blast_tophit_geneid
    blast_tophit_acc, blast_tophit_score

  • All GO Mapping candidate GO terms and evidence codes.
    mapping_genename, mapping_tax, mapping_xref, mapping_xref_db
    mapping_goid, mapping_goname, mapping_gocategory

  • Annotated GO terms and enzyme codes.
    annot_count, annot_goid, annot_goterm, annot_gocategory, enzyme_code, enzyme_name

  • Detailed information about InterPro results like obtained domains, families as well as GO terms.
    ips_acc, ips_type, ips_name, ips_sig, ips_goid, ips_goname, ips_gocategory



Properties File